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6 Week Reinvent Yourself Bootcamp

 A 6-Week Power Program That'll Help You Transform Your Circumstances, Rediscover Your Passions, Unlock Abundance And Live a Life That Matters.

Why you should make the 6 Week Re-invent Yourself Bootcamp a Priority Investment Right Now...

Most people run the same patterns year after year with virtually no change in results.


This is NOT due to a lack of intelligence.


It is due to a lack of effective strategy.  And unless you change something it is going to be the exact same with an extra candle on the cake and nobody wants to waste any more time on living a life that isn't measurably better and more rewarding than the one they lived last year. 

When I say rewarding I don't just mean financially. 


Although that's what most people focus on because they think it will get them out of pain or solve their problems or allow them a better life.  The problem with that kind of thinking is it leads most people to spend their life chasing money while wondering why they never seem to have much more of it.  It is a known fact most people earn the same amount of money they earned the year before, plus or minus 10%. 


Why is that?


It’s because they don't understand that money is a by-product or a consequence of them adding value to someone or something.  


That money, most importantly, is a reflection of the self-worth and financial identity they walk around with. Therefore, if you try and earn more money without becoming a person of higher value first  then you'll always chase your tail.  


By actively participating in this intensive 6 week program you will destroy old low-value habits, poor self-worth and limitations, and replace them with a purposefully designed new sense of self while becoming a person of much higher value.

This prevents you from chasing money from the same level of self-worth, and allows you to start focusing on increasing your own sense of value.  As a person of higher value, everything changes including the money, job offers, salary, customers and opportunities etc. you attract.  

That's why it’s far more important to invest time on Reinventing YOURSELF, rather than chasing some money making scheme or trying to learn a new ‘skill or technique’ for generating income.  In short, NEVER settle for information on how to make money or change your life when what you REALLY need is TRANSFORMATION.

That’s why the “Reinvent Your Life 6-Week Bootcamp” was created.


What Is The Reinvent Your Life 6-Week Bootcamp?

The “Reinvent Your Life 6-Week Bootcamp” teaches people who have the Will to change but are tired of searching for their ‘breakthrough' EXACTLY how to redesign their Life on their own terms.  It is a  6-week power program to transform your circumstances, rediscover your passion, unlock abundance and live a life that matters.


How Does It Work?


Firstly, upon registration, you will be guided through a detailed and personal self-evaluation where you will ask yourself questions you have probably never asked before. You will be led to turn over rocks in your mind you didn't even know were there and discover many of the reasons why you are exactly where you are in your life right now.


Then, each of the 6 weeks include a 1-hour online webinar-based experience delivered by me, Peter Sage, which contains a mixture of hugely insightful and transformative content.


You will follow and complete exercises on each call, leading to a series of WOW experiences and measurable progress.  Following the call, each person logs into his or her private Bootcamp account (set up at registration) and completes a series of further learning’s and ‘modules’ that tie in with the week’s theme.


There is also a community forum for all the members to interact with each other in and engage in discussions and interactivity, creating an enlightened peer group and valuable support structure. 


Will It Work For Me?


Not enough people invest the time and money in their own development.  However, of those who do, many fall back into the same habits within weeks or months.  The learning they paid for becomes an expensive memory rather than a valuable tool.  They then take the next course wanting things to be different and hoping this time they’ll change.  And so it goes on.  This Bootcamp is different. It is not just about change.  It is about lasting change. And it is designed to work for everyone who takes it.


What Results Can I Expect?

At the end of the Bootcamp, you will have successfully uncovered the hidden beliefs, patterns and emotional blocks (positive and negative) which have caused you to be exactly where you are today.


You will have cleaned up any previous limiting thinking and replaced it with empowering new habits. You will have a full understanding of the difference between people who succeed and those who fail in all areas, not just financial but emotional and otherwise You will have created a compelling vision for your life and will start to tap into a different kind of uplifting energy as your life takes on new meaning and purpose. 


In short, you'll stop working and start living and you will have created an inspiring new Identity in alignment with your true sense of self.


By the end of Week 6, you'll have also walked through the 4 stages required to master long-term transformation, raise your self-worth and earn a lot more money.  You will have enjoyed the benefits of Reinventing your Life and understanding insights and strategies most experts in personal development will go to their graves never knowing.


You will walk with an air of invincibility, handle stress effortlessly and enjoy a whole new sense of purpose and direction.  You will set new and inspiring goals that are in alignment with your true self and stride towards them with the confidence of knowing this time they’ll happen!


You will have dissolved limiting blocks, stopped wasting or draining your energy on negativity and will have actively participated in the journey of your own Transformation, causing it to be a permanent shift.  More importantly, you will start living a brand-new life with unlimited possibility.  

Topics Covered:


Week 1: The Secret To Becoming Invincible

Week 2: Breaking The Habits of Your Old Life

Week 3: Bullet Proof Psychology

Week 4: Goals, Vision & Purpose - Reinvented.

Week 5: Transforming Your Identity

Week 6: The New You! Celebrating & How To Make It Last


How do the modules work?

When registering you will be given a unique log-in and password to a members site where all of your modules and learning can be accessed.

Can I skip ahead?

No, I have personally designed the Bootcamp to unfold at the ideal pace for both learning and transformation.  Therefore each weeks learning will be made available as the Bootcamp progresses.

I’m not sure I can make it this time, will it be available again?


You can enrol later for sure but it will be the full price of $1500

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