Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs, Challenges And ANY Adversity Life (Or Business) Throws At You...


“The Inside Track is some of the best and most compelling writing I have ever read in personal growth. And I have read and studied everything!”

Mark Anastasi

New York Times Bestselling Author of ‘The Laptop Millionaire

I've been studying personal development for over 20-years and a member of some of the most expensive and highest-level coaching programs in the world. The lessons I got from this book are life changing. It is THE best practical, step-by-step guide to overcoming your own limiting beliefs and challenges I've ever seen. Peter doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.” 

Ryan Phillips

3-Time WKA World Martial Arts Champion

"I couldn't put it down. It is one of the BEST books I have read in the last 10 years! Very open, raw, authentic, honest and inspirational. An unbelievable contribution."

Gerry McKinney

Master Trainer for Tony Robbins

What would you do if you became the only non-criminal locked up in Britain’s most violent prison?

That's what happened to Peter Sage, highly regarded as the #1 self-mastery expert in the world and one of the most sought after speakers, coaches and transformational experts today. His world was turned upside-down when he served 6 months as the only civil prisoner in one of the UK’s toughest jails, and this brand new sensational #1 best-selling book, Peter shares his story along with how you can deal with the toughest situations and become your best when life gives you its worst. 

Hello, my name is Peter Sage.


If you suffer from self-sabotage, self-limiting beliefs, you feel stuck in your business or in your life or you find it difficult to overcome challenges and adversity then I'm going to send you a FREE copy of my #1 best-selling book The Inside Track...


This book details my true story of what happened when I became the only non-criminal to be locked up in Britain’s most violent prison.

WITHOUT EVEN BEING ACCUSED OF A CRIME, I became imprisoned inside one of Britain’s toughest jails, when I was found in contempt on a civil dispute. A dispute I was later exonerated from.


What unfolded next has become a masterclass in how to turn adversity to your advantage. The Inside Track follows my incredible journey in real time.


It is the collection of the eleven private letters I wrote to my elite coaching clients, sharing exactly how I set out to turn what appeared to be a disaster, into my greatest adventure to date...

Would I Be Able To Transform Both The Prisoners And The System From The Inside, Whilst At The Same Time Facing The Loss Of Nearly Everything I Had? 

In this unique book, I reveal exactly how you can face any problem in your life from a place of power, not force. How to become someone who can not only stay calm and positive when life hits you with a bat, but who can turn those challenges around and into your greatest achievements. 


In This "Must Read" Book You Will Discover...


The TRUTH about overcoming adversity, no matter your background, situation, experience, age or up bringing...


How to stop fear and resistance draining your energy and achieve your goals no matter how big or scary they are...


How to protect yourself against criticism and become immune to negative self-talk and the negative opinion of others...


Deep insights into what makes us think what we think, and do what we do (all backed by science) and not based on opinion or theory...


The secret keys (nobody else is teaching) to developing an empowering psychology that allows you to live your life to its fullest...


Practical tools you can use immediately and a step-by-step guide to overcoming your own limiting beliefs and challenges...

  • The inescapable law that separates those who do from those who talk  - Page 2

  • The keys to being psychologically bulletproof - no matter what life throws at you - Page 15

  • The best tool ever created for understanding people better than they know themselves - Page 21

  • How to easily transform desperation into determination - Page 26

  • How to be immune to OPD (other people’s drama) - Page 33

  • The secret personal phrases that Peter used to keep him safe while he was inside dealing with some of the most dangerous, most violent criminals in prison - Page 43

  • Why affirmations are rarely effective and how you can change that in an instant - Page 41

  • How to stay smart and strong when faced with losing everything - Page 59

  • The strategy he used to avoid being beaten up and stabbed and how you can use it to avoid conflict in any area of your life - Page 68

  • The biggest lesson to learn and what to do when all hell is breaking lose - Page 73

  • Why people who get money for nothing are far worse off than those who don't and what this means for you and your future success (or lack thereof) - Page 77

  • The #1 thing that keeps people trapped in negative circumstances (it's not what you think and is right under your nose crippling your progress every single day) - Page 85

  • Why most people struggle to meditate and the keys to doing it effectively in any environment (especially when there is chaos all around you) - Page 96

  • The reason why most entrepreneurs fail before they start and don’t even know it - Page 104

  • The exact strategy Peter used to stop a massive fight and reduce violence on the wing (and how you can apply it to your everyday life) - Page 106

  • What schools, business and prisons have in common and how you can use it to your advantage - Page 112

  • The sneaky trick that  gets your entire cardio workout done in just 60 seconds - Page 117

  • This outdated science is still being taught as fact (and why if you're still following it you're doomed no matter what you do) - Page 125

  • Why Peter got banned from class for trying to help people - Page 128

  • Peter’s in cell daily routine that kept him sane, fit and powerful - Page 141

  • A powerful distinction that can predict most people’s quality of life - Page 150

  • What Peter learned from working with Nelson Mandela’s family - Page 152

  • The key life skill Peter taught the prisoners, how it dramatically altered the course of their lives inside and out and why you should learn it too - Page 162

  • How Peter stopped someone committing suicide in under 5 minutes - Page 173

  • How Peter took drug dealers from a life of crime to a life of possibility - Page 180

  • The real reason people run away from their fears and how to turn and face them with a smile (no matter how big or seemingly daunting they may be) - Page 191

  • What happened when Peter was taken to hospital (you'll never believe this unlikely story is true but it is) - Page 196

  • Why Peter chose to room with a violent prisoner and the transformation that took place for both peter and the prisoner - Page 200

  • The shocking truth as to what most of our habits and decision making is really based on - Page 205

  • The hidden agenda that operates in court and why no one is immune - Page 209

  • The strange personality shift that happened to Peter after 3 months away from something "we can't live without" and why parents must be aware - Page 216

  • The key difference between purpose and desire and how he used it to help a murderer - Page 224

  • The REAL difference between coincidence and synchronicity, finally explained Page 226

  • Why you should never be afraid to call someone on their bullshit and how to do it - Page 240

  • How to turn your mistakes into your best nourishment for growth - Page 246

  • The first person to help and turn to in a crisis - Page 248

  • The biggest lesson from the film Groundhog Day that most people miss and that has huge implications for a life of happiness - Page 254

  • The one thing Peter did that changed hundreds of lives and won him a national award - Page 259

And so much more...

The Inside Track will either become your new all time favourite book plus your highest recommendation or we will send you DOUBLE the cost of shipping back and you can keep the book and bonuses!

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Proof That 'The Inside Track' as ALREADY Dramatically Changed The Businesses And Lives Of Countless People Around The World!  



This is your get out of jail card for any adversity you are experiencing in your life. I  literally sat on the edge of my seat as I read Peter's book because I realised he had given me the exact tools I needed to overcome my own challenges. This is a must read for 

anyone who wants to CRUSH an obstacle in their life!”

- Kathy McDevitt, Two-time

Emmy Award Winner

This book blew me away and had such a positive impact that I’ve recommended it to my loved ones. Having studied psychology, spirituality and human potential for over twenty years, it’s been a long time since I’ve came across a book with so much depth and wisdom, together with powerful tools that will last you a lifetime. What Peter went through, in the process of writing this book, is nothing short of profound.”

- AJ Mihrzad,

Best Selling Author of Mind Body Solution, and Founder of

I've been studying personal development for over 20-years and a member of some of the most expensive and highest-level coaching programs in the world. The lessons I got from this book are life changing. It is THE best practical, step-by-step guide to overcoming your own limiting beliefs and challenges I've ever seen. Peter doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.”

- Ryan Phillips, 3-Time WKA World Martial Arts




The Inside Track letters are some of the best and most compelling writing I have ever read. And I have read and studied everything!”

- Mark Anastasi, New York Times

Bestselling Author of ‘The Laptop Millionaire’

This book is full of amazing insights that we can all use to live at the highest version of  the highest vision of ourselves. Peter never fails to deliver.”

- Tim Han, Founder of

Success Insider

WOW! Peter's story is authentic and mind-shifting! A must read for any entrepreneur  about the journey of life and contribution.”

- James Blackwell, 

CEO Ronald James Group



“If anyone ever wonders if Peter walks his talk – this answers any doubts”

- Dr. Klaus  Schustereder, Founder of The Physis Foundation, Switzerland

Humble, warm and witty. Compulsively readable."

– Shaun Atwood, Speaker, Activist

and Best-Selling Author of ‘Hard Time’

Think of the most powerful workshop or seminar you have been to. Now double it.”

- Mark Laine


As You Can See... 

The Inside Track and Peter Sage Have Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?


Like I mentioned before, this book is free.


All I ask is that you help me cover the printing and postage costs of $9.95 anywhere in the world!


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Time Is Of The Essence

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There's so much negativity, so much noise, so much nonsense out there these days. It's no wonder people are miserable, and no wonder they feel so stuck, alone and lost.


But every now and again something comes along that has the ability to cut through all of that noise and nonsense and leave a lasting positive impact on you, your life and your business.


Once in a blue moon something comes along and not only motivates us, but inspires us to push past any barriers and challenges we face.


The Inside Track is that something and it will be one of the greatest investments in yourself you ever make. 


As my friend and business partner John Mulry says: "The book you never read can never help you".


Don't let this be one of those types of books. You're here reading this letter so I know you're the type of person who is interested in reaching their potential, is interested in improving themselves, their business and their life and I know you're the kind of person who is open to doing things differently.


You now have a choice before you.


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If this page is still here, then the offer is still live.


But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Peter Sage​

Multi #1 Best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker transformational expert, founder of Sage Academy, The Elite Mentorship Forum and highly regarded as the #1 self-mastery expert in the world.

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:


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About Your Author

With a large global following, Peter Sage is one of the world’s most sought-after speakers and experts in life transformation and human behaviour and he is highly regarded as the #1 self-mastery expert in the world.


His insights are  famous for causing profound, lasting and deep shifts that allow people to discover more of their own greatness, enabling them to live their lives with less stress and more joy. 


He empowers people with simple to apply tools and awareness’s that get results fast and without any of the fluff and hype that is so common in personal growth. 


As you follow this incredible story, you’ll discover how Peter was not just able to thrive in a place where  angels fear to tread but also leave a lasting mark that is now helping thousands of lives.


In twenty-five years Peter’s business career has followed the expected vicissitudes of high-level, fast paced entrepreneurship. Having personally started over twenty companies across a wide variety of fields, his experience level rivals that of many well-known business moguls.



Highly Regarded as the #1 Self-Mastery Expert in the World